Not “Having Game” could be “Game” for Middle Age Dating…


Happy Sunday.  Been thinking lately that there are some “nice guys” out there who could potentially turn into my man.  Why am I thinking this you may ask?  Because I’ve been dating a nice guy recently who always says he “doesn’t have game”.  I find myself saying to him “maybe in middle age not having game is having game”.   Now I will explain.

Part of being a boy addict in recovery is coming to the realization that what I have found attractive in boys in my past NEVER has worked for me.  As a boy addict, I always choose unavailable boys who couldn’t be there for me emotionally.  Sadly, in my twenties, those are the boys this guy is describing.  Those boys had “game” – you know what I mean ladies.  The smooth talking, hot looking, get the girls, “show-offs” who always had a girl on their arms.  Those boys, while seemingly attractive to me, NEVER made me feel special.

Then came my thirties.  I wanted to be married and to start a family.  Despite the fact that I was neglecting my personal health and allowing myself to be overweight, I forced a boy to be a man in my mind and I married him.  Needless to say, it turned out to be a disaster and I had to learn the VERY hard way to start practicing great self-care.

Now in my forties, and after SO MANY BOY HEART BREAKS, I blog and publically proclaim what I need from a man who I pray I will end up with.  The reason I do this is that I hope there are folks out there just like me – both men and women alike – who are learning to accept nothing less than a partner who enhances life.

So Mr. “Guy with No Game” – I commend you.  You are looking mighty good to us boy addicts in recovery.  All that is left is time.  My biggest life lesson is that relationships take loads of time to grow and evolve and develop trust.  I always give time, time.  But looking like a great start.

Thanks for reading.


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