Am I a Girl or Am I a Woman?


girl woman

Happy Sunday readers.  I got asked the question this week:  “Leslie, do you think you are a girl or a woman?”  It was like getting “socked” between the eyes.  I liked the question so much because it forced me to examine my own behaviors.  Something that has always been so hard for me to do.  I suspect this is hard for most of us.  It is so much more fun for me to write about boys and tell funny stories.  BUT, in an effort to be healthier, I would like to tackle this question.  The answer is, “I have qualities of both girl and woman.”  Allow me to explain…

As a girl, I am desperately in need of attention from boys.  This is why for the majority of my life, I have craved boys who treat me the way a girl would expect to be treated.  For example, not receiving emotional intimacy or positive reinforcement from a boy for being “me” was acceptable to me as a girl.  Hence, why boy addiction is so toxic for me.  I truly want to be a woman.

As a woman, I am fulfilling my own power.  Today, with the help of God, I plan to tackle the City of NY 26.2 for my 4th time and I am so proud of my inner “woman strength”.  I also make sure I get my blog out no matter what, and I feel this is very “womanly” of me.  I really desire to reach out to others and help them along my journey (and make you all either laugh and/or think every Sunday), all qualities I pray make me a woman.

The woman in me is not interested in boys.  The girl in me is.  So I dabble in boys until I realize this is not my true purpose in life.  I would like to thank the man who asked me this question this week.  You are challenging me to rethink my worth and affirming why it is fun spending time with a man.  And who knows where this could lead, but it’s a fun start.

Thank you for reading.


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