“The Race Isn’t Always to the Swift, but to Those Who Keep Running”


running woman

Happy Sunday readers.  I’ve been thinking a lot about this favorite quote of mine.  When I was about 10 years old, I purchased a poster of a woman running along a long winding road with this quote written below:  “The Race Isn’t Always to the Swift, but to Those Who Keep Running.”  I proudly hung this poster up in my room and kept it there for many years.  I was drawn to this picture and quote and I had no idea as to why.  Today I realize it was my life’s journey “foreshadow”.  A sign from the Universe that I would be an endurance runner.  Perhaps even a sign that I would be an endurance dater.

Today I decided to “google” this quote only to find that the message is taken from the Bible.  The message is more specifically written “The race is not given to the swift nor the strong but he who endures until the end”.  A fascinating concept which goes through my mind during every marathon run I take on.  Marathons are ENTIRELY about endurance.  No matter what my pace, and I have done faster and slower runs, the completion is always HARD.  What makes running a marathon hard is the desire to stop when your goal is to keep going. If you do not push through the pain, you will not receive the glory of the finish line and the beloved medal.

Recovering from boy addiction is an endurance event for me too.  My dating life has been a “long haul” endeavor with the hopes I will find a man to help make my life better.  Since I desire a man, I continue to date.  There has been great pain and a desire to stop MANY times during my 5 plus years of dating.  One way to combat the pain of dating boys is to blog.  Making something painful become a funny true life entertaining story for others becomes a cathartic approach for me to keep dating.  You who are reading me are my “cheerleaders”.  You are the folks who don’t mind standing out in the cold at mile 23 waiting for me to pass by so you can yell “keep going Leslie”.

So my advice to all you “hard-core daters” and “boy/girl addicts”: continue to keep yourself happy in your life.  Find what you love to do and engage in your passion.  Keep on dating and keep it simple.  Take NOTHING personally and wait for the Universe to send you that person who makes you smile.  Until then, I know for SURE you can do this for yourself.

Thanks for reading…


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