Single/Dating/Relationships…the Choice is all Yours


Happy Sunday to my single, dating and relationship friends.   Thinking about you all always and realizing each day that life is all about the choices we make.   In the infinite words of my father “Les, make your choice and don’t look back”.  The power in his statement lies in the fact I have choices.  Choices are mine and mine alone.   Either I make healthy choices or unhealthy ones, and boy addicts struggle with this constantly.  I know!  In terms of a healthy choice I have made in my past, I am thinking about an old school dating story.  

He was a very handsome 20 something.  People called him JKF Jr.   He seemed to like me and kept taking me on dates and I was in my glory showing off this handsome boy.  All the while my gutt was telling me I wasn’t his only girl.   But in my 20’s the wedding invitations were flowing in and I certainly wanted a date to go with and he said yes!  So I was happy.  I made plans of what to wear and who was going to do my hair and make up.  Most importantly I replied “yes” to 2 people on my invitation reply.

It was 4 days before the wedding and he cancelled our date planned for 7:00 at 5:00 and he sounded very guilty.   In this moment, I had a choice.  Ignore his suspicious behavior and continue with my wedding plan to bring him as my handsome JFK date or go to the wedding alone.

Back in those days, with no cell phones, I called his answering machine and said something like this, “Hi, this is Leslie. I cannot help but feel you are not being honest with me about why you cancelled our date tonight, so I will need to cancel our plan to go to the wedding together this Sat.”   I went to that wedding alone and sat with all couples and had an empty chair next to me.  But I danced and laughed and looked good!  And I had a blast going solo.

And I never heard from him again.  Not even a “return phone call attempt to explain.”  A few months later my friends saw him out to dinner with another blonde.   We all know JFK’s like blondes!  LOL.  And I like myself.  And in cases like being with JFK or being alone, I CHOOSE ALONE!   And I like it…

Thank you for reading.


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