Progress in Dating not perfection…


Happy Monday!   This is officially the first time I missed a Sunday blog since it all began 91 blogs ago.   Thank you to my loyal readers who caught my “missed” blog yesterday.  I must say I am in a new job consuming my time and energy.  I worked 7 days in a row and literally couldn’t stay awake last night to write (couldn’t run yesterday morning either!).  All of my life madness got me thinking about an expression I learned in a self-help program many years ago: “Progress not Perfection.”   It got me thinking that in dating and forming a relationship with another I need to always think about progress and never expect perfection.

I think about the simple act of me missing a blog or missing a run.   I say to myself “so what” if I start beating myself up mentally.   Life is not meant to be lived perfectly.  It is meant to be lived imperfectly.  The goal is not perfection, the goal for me is progress:  learning from my mistakes, growing, falling back, pushing ahead, praying for progress.   Not an easy task.

My new job is a start up program so everything is brand new and myself and my staff are learning new processes as we go along.  What we do not know, we create.   It is hard as a Director to not have all the answers for my team, but I’m honest with them and they seem to appreciate us all learning and growing together.

So in my dating, I figure why not lead my “dating team” of readers in this process we are making up as we go along.  Let’s face it daters: Dating is like a start up program.  It is messy and we don’t have the answers. We forge ahead and pray to learn and grow.  This is why I share my experiences with you.  My dating is simply “Progress not Perfection.”

I’m dating a lovely man right now who truly seems to be all the qualities I’ve been writing about.  But he is far from perfect.  Heck, he will tell you that himself.   I tell him how far from perfect I am, but he is willing to take things slow with me and pray for progress.   I have not convinced him to read my blog as of yet, but rumor is one of his close relatives found me and reads me!  (Hope to meet you soon).

I wish you all a blessed Thanksgiving holiday.  Make progress with those you love.  No one is perfect but the Divine.   We were not created to be!


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