Thinking like a single person…


  Good morning and Happy Sunday readers and daters.   I often say to my married friends “think like a single person.”   When I say this, I’m not telling them to go out and date or meet a new partner.   What I am telling them in fact is to live life on their own terms based on what makes them happy.   Single people learn how to do this very well.  I have proudly learned to do this very well.   Allow me to explain.

Often I’m in situations with other people where I respond with my living as a single person mind.   For example, when I get asked to run a half marathon or a full marathon I typically say “yes”.   I have no one to ask or to be concerned with my my race schedule.  It can be very full but with no one at home to wonder where I am (except my beloved cat Missy), it’s easy to say “yes” to my runs.  But even with someone at home, shouldn’t we all be ok with doing what we are passionate about doing and not fret about our partner?   Think like a single person?

When I get that spontaneous invite from a gal pal I can typically go.  No one is waiting at home for me wondering where I am.  There is no one to ask what they think.   I can be spontaneous and think this way. And I love this!  But even with a partner why can’t we be spontaneous?   Do we have a person in our lives who supports this and if not can we think like a single person and be spontaneous anyway?

In addition, single minded people are really into self-care.   We are trying to find our man so of course we go to the gym, wear make up, lose weight.   But shouldn’t we maintain great self care even in a relationship?  Are you thinking like a single person???

Please do.  Enough said.  Thank you for reading!


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