Dating: You know when the commitment is real


Hi daters.  So after all these years of dating, it is pretty easy to tell when the boy you meet (who has man potential) is serious about wanting to be with you.  There is just one simple thing that is apparent.  I have been hearing it for many years and never quite believed it.  But as day by day goes by as we are dating, one thing I know for sure is that his commitment to want to be in a relationship with me is real.  How do I know this?  IT IS OBVIOUS.

I have always heard when you meet “the one” it is easy.  Well I am certainly a cynic in my middle age years.  I easily admit I am jaded from so many bad experiences with boys.  Even though I’m thrilled to have met a very nice boy/man and we just completed 2 months of dating, I’m going nice and slow with him.  I’m following my running partner Rose’s advice which is “wait 6 months until you say he is good”.  So I’m not going to call him a man.  Not just yet.

I do realize during the quality time I have spent with him, is confirmation that I have dated so many boys over the years.    He is showing me that a big sign of a boy is that a boy never truly wants to commit or work for a relationship.  A boy wants me to do all the work, which I have gladly done in the past to my detriment.  This boy/man is willing to work for me.  This means he takes me on “real dates” to very fun places, he talks proudly to his family and friends about me, and he even showed up at the halfway point to cheer me in this past NY marathon.  WOW.  Man potential.

Even if things do not work out with him, he is validating that there are good men out there for me and they are worth the wait.  So for all you ladies in the dating world, BE PICKY.  Accept nothing but being treated like the queen you are.  And when you find a good one, it will be obvious and easy.  Stay tuned…6 months…

Thank you for reading.


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