I got dumped…


Happy Sunday.    Sorry I’ve been away for awhile.   Truth be told, I was happy in a committed relationship.   I wanted to break from talking about my boy addiction and my dating and give a nice man “my all” in a relationship, but effective 2 days ago he dumped me.

I could go into the details as to why, but I’d rather not.   It’s very sad for me and I’ve got my tail between my legs.   I’m not perfect and mistakes were made, but I will say that my trauma from my past relationships and his personality made it impossible for us to be a match.  I get it.  But for lack of a better way of saying this “getting dumped sucks”.

I’m super tired of trying.   I’m feeling insecure, discouraged, overweight, old, and that no one will ever love me.   I suspect this is how people who get dumped feel.  I’m usually the “dumper” and when I am, I “get back into the dating game” quickly.   But this time I feel defeated.  I did manage to pull out a 12 miler yesterday and I rejoined my beloved weight loss program, so I know I’ll get myself feeling good again in time.  I just don’t feel at all ok right now and so many of you have been so wonderful to me I decided to “keep it real” and ask for words of support.

Have you ever been dumped and had your heart hurt?   Will I EVER meet my man?   Single may just be my safe place?   

Thank you for reading and for any words of wisdom you can offer.  I’m back…