I got dumped…


Happy Sunday.    Sorry I’ve been away for awhile.   Truth be told, I was happy in a committed relationship.   I wanted to break from talking about my boy addiction and my dating and give a nice man “my all” in a relationship, but effective 2 days ago he dumped me.

I could go into the details as to why, but I’d rather not.   It’s very sad for me and I’ve got my tail between my legs.   I’m not perfect and mistakes were made, but I will say that my trauma from my past relationships and his personality made it impossible for us to be a match.  I get it.  But for lack of a better way of saying this “getting dumped sucks”.

I’m super tired of trying.   I’m feeling insecure, discouraged, overweight, old, and that no one will ever love me.   I suspect this is how people who get dumped feel.  I’m usually the “dumper” and when I am, I “get back into the dating game” quickly.   But this time I feel defeated.  I did manage to pull out a 12 miler yesterday and I rejoined my beloved weight loss program, so I know I’ll get myself feeling good again in time.  I just don’t feel at all ok right now and so many of you have been so wonderful to me I decided to “keep it real” and ask for words of support.

Have you ever been dumped and had your heart hurt?   Will I EVER meet my man?   Single may just be my safe place?   

Thank you for reading and for any words of wisdom you can offer.  I’m back…


9 thoughts on “I got dumped…

  1. Fellow Power Chick

    Sorry you’re experiencing this, dear one.
    I did have a thought: Running is great exercise and a stress reliever for sure…but perhaps running is a spiritual and emotional metaphor?
    Again, just a thought.
    Also, there is a great deal of research and solid proof that trauma doesn’t go anywhere unless it is truly processed at an energetic level. EFT (tapping) is a beautiful, beautiful process.

    Please don’t let this experience dim your light…but please take some gentle but radical steps to truly heal YOU.

    Blessed to know you, Power Chick.

  2. Say Yes To You, Not The Dress

    You are processing this and in a healthy way. We are not made of rubber, but we do bounce, and you will too. My take away is that if you are “going back” to things you stopped while you were dating, then that’s where you strayed. You met him whole, then you stopped being you as you poured yourself into giving that relationship your full attention. Always nurture yourself while nurturing a relationship. Being dumped sucks but my guess is he did you a favor sooner rather than later. You needed to get your balance back and he was a man who could not see that to tell you himself. When you find a partner that can be your leader and your friend, then he will be the one. I don’t think single is your safe place. But it will he until you can find that partner that balances you, and you him. It is a tough algorithm to devise, for sure. I am sure you can though. For now, take care of you, since he and you both neglected that part.

  3. Marva

    Happy to hear that you are getting back to caring for the total person. It is certainly not easy to lose anyone, no matter the state of engagement, and it certainly doesn’t make it any easier if the person voluntarily leaves. As “Fellow Power Chick” suggested, perhaps a deeper introspection would serve you some good in knowing you, before sharing yourself with others. I utilize the Arno Profile System (APS), which assesses the individual temperament when counseling and coaching. A complimentary analysis is yours when you’re ready. You are an amazing human being, who has much to offer any man that you will be divinely connected. Go Les! Go!

  4. Elena

    Leslie — as a spiritual person, which I know you are, and a believer of God. Know that you are in the place you need to be right now. I know its uncomfortable and it sucks. But this is where you need to be right now — and where we need to be at certain times in life is not always “fun” or what we think we want. Let Go Let God. Just repeat that. Don’t fix anything, or try to meet “the one”. This is not gonna happen right now. There’s a lesson that needs to be learned, let God show you what that is, and quick interfering. That’s the best advice I can give

  5. MIKE

    OK LES–time for a “guys” perspective. We have been friends for almost 24 years now (holy crap we are getting old LOL) so I know you will not misinterpret what i write here and will not be “creeped out” by it. I am not as educated as you and your “powerchick” friends. They have given you solid advice in language that you can relate to. I do not offer any Psychology 101 recommendations. I do not know about metaphors and trauma and various psychotherapy techniques, etc…but if you give me permission to leave the “friend zone” for one minute…you are having doubts about your body and mind and if anyone will ever love you ? KNOW THIS FACT–I Love you to bits and so do hundreds of other people. I think you are insanely sexy, beautiful, smart, down to earth, genuine, loving,caring and always fun to be with. Honestly, I would die to be with a woman like you.The point of all this is if I feel that way then certainly there are many other men that feel that way too.Know that this is not just a “pep talk” but are real thoughts and feelings…OK, back to the friend zone. Now go out there and kick some ass like the Leslie we all know and love.

    • Now I’m crying again Mike! Always appreciate the LOVE!!!!! ALWAYS! Guess still looking in all the wrong places but with such loving friends I’ll get it right some day! And ran at 5 a.m.!!!

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