Getting my running legs back…



run legs

Happy Sunday.  Last week I wrote about “getting dumped” and I must say I got the most reads in the history of my blogging.  It is certainly a topic that evokes loads of emotions.  The response I got was overwhelming.  So many good friends reached out to me concerned.  One of my good friends treated me to a night out last night and made me promise I will keep smiling.  She kept insisting I take the advice I gave her several years ago when she went through a tough divorce.  I had phone calls and notes and so much love that I couldn’t even speak with everyone concerned.  My roommate asked why I blogged such a sad blog as she was certain I had avoided a bad situation and she is happy for me.    With all this love, I realized yesterday that I needed to get out of my slump FAST.   I realized that with all I have been through and learned and write/talk about is important to so many, I must not go weak now.  I truly believe others need my strength and my positive spirit and I cannot let my “fans” down.

So I’m proud to say I stuck to my running routine all week and ran a happy 14 miler yesterday.  I’m counting my calories, getting sleep and working on practicing self care.   I noticed that at the beginning of the week my legs were weak during my runs, but yesterday they felt stronger.  I realized that my 4 month attempt at a relationship was making my legs weak.  I wasn’t being myself.  I had stopped blogging, struggled to run (however I will NEVER stop), and had a stress level off the charts while at work.  I realize today that this was NOT the relationship for me and my body was speaking to me.

The benefits of keeping up a running routine are profound for me.  My exercise routine keeps me in tune with what is going on with my body and my spirit.  And feeling my legs getting stronger is a sign this relationship needed to end.  As painful as “getting dumped” feels, self care yet again proves to me to be the best remedy.  And the love of family and friends.

Some of you are having a very hard time with me expressing I’m feeling down, even for a few moments.  I get it.  I’m a super positive person and you like my energy.  But please be gentle on me.  The shock of having someone in your life on a daily basis and thinking you met a good man and no longer need to date is just that – A SHOCK.  To have him completely vanish and make me feel very rejected is tough to emotionally handle.  But rest assured, I do know how and I am on it!  Been there, done that and proud to be where I am at today.

And as always, I thank you for reading and lending your support in however you see fit.



4 thoughts on “Getting my running legs back…

  1. kathpooch

    Dear Leslie,

    I’ve been thinking about you so much this past week. I’m so glad that you have felt incredibly supported by your friends and family. One piece of advice….allow yourself to feel what you feel…’s true that the people in our lives sometimes think of us as being a certain way and that can sometimes make us feel like we always need to be strong, happy, upbeat, positive etc….you have all of those qualities but as a human being, you are allowed to feel sad, not so strong, down, diassapointed, bummed and basically anything you feel. Those feelings are a part of who you are as well and they are a part of our experience of being fully human… least that’s what I believe!

    I’m also really happy that you are emerging yourself in self care and re dedicating yourself to running……it’s truly amazing what that regular running can do to our spirits and our outlook on life. I am constantly reminded of that

    I can’t predict or say with utmost assurance that you will find the love of your life……but I will say that the truer you are to yourself, the more you are open to growth and being the most “Leslie” you are, that your life will be full of love, joy and also sadness and grief…’s just part of the whole package (I’ve become very philosophical in my old age:)

    Sending you lots of love and hugs Xoxo Katherine



    • Katherine, What you wrote brings tears to my eyes. I so appreciate your words and know how important it is to honor feelings and this I will continue to do. Bless your amazing heart!

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