A Spring Break from Boys…


Happy Sunday and boy addict blog day. It’s spring time once again and I am reminded by the sound of crickets as I leave work at night and by a pesky mockingbird who resides outside my window as soon as a glimmer of spring presents itself. He wakes my dear friend (photo by Lori) who lives above me up, so I joke with her that he is the most dedicated male we both have in our lives!  She’s a single chick too and he wakes her early every spring for years. Now that’s commitment! Today as I write, I am trying to honor the side of me that can honor my new life taking a spring break from boys.

Spring break from boys is not easy for a boy addict. I’m tempted to be out there dating but trying to hold steady. Focusing on myself and doing the things I like to do seems to help. Getting good advice from my female friends is always key too. I think my favorite mantra during this journey of taking a break is to simply “live and let live”. After all, isn’t this why we are all on this earth?

In the mean time, as I struggle to keep this blog “exciting” for ya’ll since my dating stories have gone dry for now, my thoughts go to funny dating stories of my past. And I chuckle to myself as I seem to never run out. Here is my “teaser” for next Sunday…The boy made me return the blue bag, blue box, and blue pouch…

How’s that for keeping you reading?

Thank you…



Fast Tracker…


  Happy Sunday and happy boy addict blog day.   My dear friend and “blog inspirer” told me of a concept in dating shared by a “boy” friend of hers who was dating.  He told her the women he took on dates he felt were “fast tracking”.   His interpretation of fast tracking was that the women he dated wanted to move too fast into a full blown relationship.  Since my blog is about me humbly looking at my own actions in my dating I must admit the following:  “Hi my name is Leslie H. and I have been a dating fast tracker”.

So with this being openly admitted, I think it fair to describe some of the “fast tracking” behaviors I have been known to exhibit during my dating.   Internet dating is exhausting.   When I begin to date a boy who possesses my “man” qualities, the desire to fast track is VERY seductive.  I have met a few boys with “man like” qualities such as stable in their career, attractive, kind, safe, generous, and fun.  All qualities that make it easy for an Internet dating gal like me to desire “fast tracking”.  However, it is exactly my desire to fast track that leads a potential relationship to fizzle out fast.

One of the ways a woman can combat the desire to fast track is to keep dating.  Even if you meet a boy with man potential KEEP DATING.  You will know when it is time to be “all in” with him.  From what I have learned from my female friends who have met “the one” (a special rarity) you just know.  Dating should be what it is ladies – date, have fun, BE FREE, be picky, don’t fast track yourself into thinking a boy may be a man when he hasn’t made you know for certain.  Have the same doubts and fears he has.   They are there for a reason.  Trust your gut.

As a recovering fast tracker, I’m giving this advice to you while I’m giving it to myself.   I firmly believe today I’m a whole woman with a great career, family and friends and a fit/happy life.  Why fast track myself into a huge mistake?  WHY?

Thank you for reading.

Not talking about boys…



Once again, it’s Sunday and it’s boy addict blog day.  I was thinking that since I’m dating myself for 6 months and not dating boys, what the heck can I talk about?  Will I become boring in my blog?  What is the point of doing this?  It is amazing that restricting myself from thinking about boys gives me a lot of free time to focus on other things.  And when I focus on other things, I realize I have a lot of things to focus on.

I have a new job that is very intense.  In fact, it’s the most intense job I’ve ever had.  I actually joked with my father awhile ago saying “I really thought when a person gets into their mid-forties, life becomes much more stable and calm”.  He laughed out loud when I said this as we both know today how wrong my naive “20 something” thinking was.  My new job is much more than I ever bargained for.  I am learning to appreciate the challenge and to appreciate my amazing team and elderly residents.  They are quickly becoming my new family and I know that professionally this role will lead to new exciting ventures in my life.  So instead of focusing on a boy, I’m happy to focus on my new job.  I really have no choice.

I am trying very hard to keep up my running.  I have a goal of 2 marathons this fall.  In order to reach my goal, I need to focus on better eating, consistent running and overall good health.  I have been so blessed to be able to run.  In addition, I am so blessed with my running friends who sustain me.  I feel slightly sad for them that I don’t have any current “crazy dating stories”.   I know my stories seem to entertain both them and myself during our long runs together.  I also know they are big fans of me dating myself.  Thank you power chicks!

I have become a “binge watcher” of a variety of cable television series.  I’ve discovered there are some really great series on cable television that I really like watching and talking about with my non-running friends.  There is nothing better than sitting on my heating pad after my long run and watching weekly exciting cable series with one cliff hanger after the other.  Really good stuff.  Boys?  What boys?

I’m planning some great vacations.  And I was able to get all my days off approved!  What is better than this?  A true blessing and something to really looks forward too.  I’m going to spend time in London this spring with my best friend and Alaska this summer with my family including my super cool nephews who cannot wait to travel with Aunt Les.  I’ve realized that boys or no boys, I’m a pretty “neat package” for others to spend time with.

In fact, many of my friends and family are happier when I don’t have a boy with me.  I always joke that when I tell the people in my life I met someone, they make the “oh no, not again” faces.  Maybe I’ll start telling them, “I’m meeting myself”.   I really do want them to smile for me.  6 months of dating myself is making me smile myself.

Thank you for reading.



Single Pain…




Happy Sunday and happy boy addict blog day.  This past week was a hard one for me.  I had my very first cavity about 2 years ago and it turned into what I refer to as “the root canal from hell”.  For a few days my pain was excruciating.  The night time was the hardest.  I had to call my dentist on her emergency call line and wake her a few times.  Anyway, today’s blog is not about my tooth disaster.  It is about being in pain and being single.

Now I’m not referring to the pain of being single.  That comes with its own issues, which is why I blog.  I’m referring to being in excruciating pain and being alone.  I have had this happen a few times and fortunately not long lasting.  But it is hard.  I find when I am home alone at night and in pain, this is when I want a partner the most.  My dentist told me the next day (after I woke her up at 2 a.m.) that she didn’t send me to the 24 hour pharmacy that night because she was concerned about me driving in that state.  I agreed, but I was willing to do it.

It would have been nice to have a partner who could have driven me to get some good meds to get me out of pain.  This is the nice part in having a good man.  I do often think, what if I end up in the hospital?  Who will come?   Will I be left alone in pain with no one to care for me?   Now, this one is silly because I know I’m blessed with a boatload of folks who wouldn’t leave me alone in the hospital.  I also am blessed with terrific parents who were on the phone with me non-stop during my tooth crisis.  Not to mention my beloved cat Missy who was right by my side the entire tooth ordeal.  I also realized there are many people alone in the world, in chronic pain, and have no one to help them.  I truly do not know how these folks live life and I pray for them.  I am blessed.

Truth be told, more often than not, being in the wrong relationship with the wrong boy is much more painful than one annoying infected tooth.  Ya’ll know it, as do I.  I’m writing this as I contemplate my man.  So many of you are my man.  This I am forever grateful.

Thank you for reading.