Fast Tracker…


  Happy Sunday and happy boy addict blog day.   My dear friend and “blog inspirer” told me of a concept in dating shared by a “boy” friend of hers who was dating.  He told her the women he took on dates he felt were “fast tracking”.   His interpretation of fast tracking was that the women he dated wanted to move too fast into a full blown relationship.  Since my blog is about me humbly looking at my own actions in my dating I must admit the following:  “Hi my name is Leslie H. and I have been a dating fast tracker”.

So with this being openly admitted, I think it fair to describe some of the “fast tracking” behaviors I have been known to exhibit during my dating.   Internet dating is exhausting.   When I begin to date a boy who possesses my “man” qualities, the desire to fast track is VERY seductive.  I have met a few boys with “man like” qualities such as stable in their career, attractive, kind, safe, generous, and fun.  All qualities that make it easy for an Internet dating gal like me to desire “fast tracking”.  However, it is exactly my desire to fast track that leads a potential relationship to fizzle out fast.

One of the ways a woman can combat the desire to fast track is to keep dating.  Even if you meet a boy with man potential KEEP DATING.  You will know when it is time to be “all in” with him.  From what I have learned from my female friends who have met “the one” (a special rarity) you just know.  Dating should be what it is ladies – date, have fun, BE FREE, be picky, don’t fast track yourself into thinking a boy may be a man when he hasn’t made you know for certain.  Have the same doubts and fears he has.   They are there for a reason.  Trust your gut.

As a recovering fast tracker, I’m giving this advice to you while I’m giving it to myself.   I firmly believe today I’m a whole woman with a great career, family and friends and a fit/happy life.  Why fast track myself into a huge mistake?  WHY?

Thank you for reading.


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