A Spring Break from Boys…


Happy Sunday and boy addict blog day. It’s spring time once again and I am reminded by the sound of crickets as I leave work at night and by a pesky mockingbird who resides outside my window as soon as a glimmer of spring presents itself. He wakes my dear friend (photo by Lori) who lives above me up, so I joke with her that he is the most dedicated male we both have in our lives!  She’s a single chick too and he wakes her early every spring for years. Now that’s commitment! Today as I write, I am trying to honor the side of me that can honor my new life taking a spring break from boys.

Spring break from boys is not easy for a boy addict. I’m tempted to be out there dating but trying to hold steady. Focusing on myself and doing the things I like to do seems to help. Getting good advice from my female friends is always key too. I think my favorite mantra during this journey of taking a break is to simply “live and let live”. After all, isn’t this why we are all on this earth?

In the mean time, as I struggle to keep this blog “exciting” for ya’ll since my dating stories have gone dry for now, my thoughts go to funny dating stories of my past. And I chuckle to myself as I seem to never run out. Here is my “teaser” for next Sunday…The boy made me return the blue bag, blue box, and blue pouch…

How’s that for keeping you reading?

Thank you…



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