Return of the Blue Bag, Pouch, Box…



Happy Sunday and happy boy addict blog day.   Since I am on a dating hiatus it is time to once again go “old school”.   I was about 26 and he was a cute boy introduced to me by friends.   I quickly could see he had incredible artistic talents.  He showed me his paintings that were astounding.  He borrowed an acoustic guitar I had been taking lessons on for 3 years failing miserably, and he was playing like a pro in a matter of a week.   He had incredible taste in music, introducing me to the musical love of my life the Dave Matthews Band. All seemed to be going well with the exception of a major issue.  He was a boy.

He was from a rather large family of siblings and was the only one who refused to leave home.  He had a low paying job and with his Mom looking out for him, little incentive.  He did try hard to please me.  He treated me to a romantic candlelit dinner at a gorgeous restaurant by the water where he presented me with the powerful blue bag, pouch and box which caused women from across the room to raise eyebrows and express their curiosity as to the contents.   I suppose the gift represented foreshadowing as on a lovely inscribed sterling silver charm heart bracelet read the words “return to Tiffanys”.  This inscription turned out to be the popular style for that year.

We continued our relationship for about 6 months when I realized the night he asked me for $5 in gas money to get home that it was time to end my time with him.  I broke it to him gently and he seemed to take it as well as a boy could, but the next morning I awoke to the following e-mail:   “Hi Leslie.  I know I need to return your guitar.  Before I do I will need from you the blue bag, pouch, box and bracelet.   Appreciate.”  Upon reading this, I must admit I was pretty shocked. My roommate at the time In her infinite wisdom told me to get my guitar back.

So I packed up that return to Tiffanys charm bracelet with the box, pouch and bag and had him pick it up at the front desk of my job.  He did leave my guitar I’m happy to report.   And he left me with my new found passion for the Dave Matthews Band.

What brought back this memory was he passed me recently when I was out having a drink with a friend.   I never acknowledged him nor did he acknowledge me.   I wonder if he remembers the return of the blue?   I certainly will never forget.

Thanks for reading old school boy addict…


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