Birthday gifts…



Happy Sunday and happy boy addict blog day.  Yesterday was my 45th birthday and I’m proud.  I’m proud for many reasons.  I made it to the prime of my middle age in good health, with great family and friends, a successful career and a stable living situation.  My 16 year old cat Missy is doing well despite her senior citizen status.  Even though my life is not the life I pictured to to be, it is a happy life.  One I live one day at a time.  This is a blessing.

My birthdays keep getting better and better too as I age.  I’m indulged with incredible cards and gifts and surprises.  This year, my oldest and dearest friend of 30 years (who I met on our high school track when I was 15) surprised me with a lovely fresh fruit arrangement at my job.  My brother and his wife surprised me with the most lovely flower arrangement I’ve ever received.   The colors are astounding.  The happy birthday greetings I received on Facebook where so intense I couldn’t click “like” on everyone’s birthday wishes there were so many.  My blog is doing very well.  I’m at my annual professional conference right now and someone who I only see once a year came up to me saying he really enjoys reading me.  Good stuff.

So you may ask yourself, why is she talking all about her birthday gifts?  Because each year I celebrate my birthday I’m thankful for the fact that I have no boys bringing me down.  I am acutely aware that “bad boy decisions” I made in my past took years off my life.  My attempt to be “clean and sober” of these boys is paying off.  I feel as if each year while I am maturing in my decision making for a healthier life, I am looking younger and feeling more energetic.  I’m living life on my terms no being afraid to be alone. In fact, lately I enjoy my time spent alone.  I can more easily dine alone at restaurants, travel alone, run alone, do many things alone and I look forward to my alone time.

In my younger days, I never wanted to be alone.  Not having a boy around at that time to me meant I felt hollow inside.  Today not having a boy around means I’m full of the things I love the most – full of self love and self care.  This draws in the positive.  Nothing but birthday gifts.

Happy birthday to me.  Thank you for reading – the best gift ever.


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