“Man’s Rejection is God’s Protection”


Happy Sunday and Happy Boy Addict Blog Day.  I did a quick internet search to learn that the above quote is based in Christianity and the belief that if a human being pushes you away, trust that God is leading you along a better path.  The path God wants you to be on.  I learned this quote in my 20’s and it resonated well with me the first time a boy rejected me.  Since I first learned this expression I carry it in my heart and pull it out when I need it.

Internet dating is hard.  For me, I have not found my match.  What I have found is many boys who are hurtful.  Internet dating breeds a heartless mind set among many of the boys I’ve met on-line.  To internet boys, women on the net are just a number and when the boy has used her up he can easily toss her aside and move on to the next.  To me, this is a total disregard for the fact that women are REAL and have FEELINGS.  We are not objects to be made to feel disposable.  This is why I write.  This is why I warn women that if you are dating on the internet be aware that you must protect your heart, mind and self esteem.

I always go back in my mind to remind myself that with every rejection, there is a lesson.  Perhaps God wants me to improve in a certain area of my life and he is sending me a teacher to show me the way.  I try to take advantage of the lesson and keep it moving.  I try never to let a boy “break my stride”.   I think internet dating makes it very easy for boys to assume there is a “never ending” supply of good women out there.  I actually have had many boys tell me there are good women on the internet, and that women tell them the boys on the internet are “crazy” and “psycho”.  The balance seems off in my experience and this is why writing and warning seem to be working for me.

Truth be told, so much of our world is artificial.  It is so easy to make the push of a button and buy a new car, buy new clothing, buy groceries, or buy a woman.  It is also easy to push the button and make an “exchange”.  Boys view women as material objects.  When one stops making him feel good, he pushes a button and is onto the next.  EASY!  And to me, very sad.  Why working on myself is working for me.  I know I’m a quality person who is very much appreciated by so many in my life.  If boys want to “discard” me then that is too bad for them.  My man will never dream of pushing a button to do away with me.  My man is worth my wait.

In the mean time, I dedicate this blog to my gratitude to God for protecting me.  BOYS — take note!  REJECT ME ALL YOU WANT!  This is my greatest blessing.  You are making way for my man…


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