75 years of man…



Happy Sunday and happy boy addict blog day.   If you will so indulge me, I would like to take this opportunity today to honor my idea of a true man…my Dad.   I have the privilege of spending his 75th birthday with him here in Maine as a good friend of his recently purchased a motel here.   He really wanted to spend time here for his big day and with my mother’s blessing (as she is unable to travel) here we are.  To honor his big birthday, I would like to explain what makes my Dad a man.

Since the day I was born, my Dad has always lived for his wife, my brother and I. What has always made him happy was whatever made us happy.   He sacrificed his time, money, and personal desires to give his all to us.   He has been our rock.   I always knew if I fell, Dad would catch me and never let me stay down for long.   I can give numerous examples, but my #1 was getting me through my divorce.   I would have never made it without him.

My Dad is kind to everyone he meets.   I am watching him this trip.  He is always smiling, holding doors for others, and strikes up conversations with friendly faces.   He never discriminates.   He does have a good sense for those who are not good, but instead of being rude he is simply quiet sending me a message to keep away.   As I get older I have learned to take his cues.

He is very honest.  I have NEVER known my Dad to lie.  I joke he is Abe Lincoln in this way.   He is sometimes honest to a fault causing some embarrassment without meaning to.  For example, one time a woman in his church asked me where my husband was and Dad responded “oh, he disappeared”.   I turned beet red, but it was the truth.

He is proud of us – his children.  He wears it on his sleeve.  The older I get the more I want to make him proud.   He often is saddened by seeing good women with bad boys.  He almost cannot understand it and over the years has attributed it to a woman’s low self esteem.   Because of this I choose to be single and wait for a man to value me the way my Dad does.

Happy 75th man Dad!  And to the men out there and boys…you have much to learn.

Thank you for reading.


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