Choosing to Not Want to be Single is My Choice…



Happy Sunday and happy boy addict blog day. The title of this blog might read a bit awkwardly, however, this is my choice. Allow me to explain. It is hard to be single when I don’t want to be. It is hard on many levels and I’m taking the opportunity in this blog to explain.

I have a few friends who are perfectly content being single. They have been in hard relationships and got to a place in their lives where single feels ok for them. I totally get these friends. They have other things in their lives keeping them from wanting a partner and although on some level they miss a relationship, on many other levels they are fine! They have no desire to date. This is not I.

I have miserably married friends! Sadly too many of them. They too often admire my single self. I get this. After all, to my married friends I have no one to answer to or wait for or argue with. I don’t need to fear sharing trust, finances, kids, daily decisions, and the list of daily stressors when one is married goes on and on. I am free to do what I want…

I have lonely friends who are afraid to date. Internet dating is scary and emotionally taxing! I AGREE! I cannot believe I have had the dating endurance I have had to keep going. Boys are rough. The worst ones for me are the ones who lead me to believe we are in a committed relationship and then pull the rug out from under me just when I think I met a good man. I’m so fortunate to have great friends who pick me up when I feel I’m falling into low self-esteem mode as a result of this kind of boy rejection as it hurts the worst.

So here I write yet again and here I declare: “I Do Not Want to be Single!” BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY I do not wish to compromise what I want in my man to settle for a “boy addiction”. So I live my life the best I can…One Day at a Time…

Thank you for reading.


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