Happy Sunday and happy boy addict blog day. In terms of dating and especially Internet dating I often hear that timing is everything. I must agree. In fact I do believe that when I meet my man the Universe will send him to me when my time is right. I’m acutely aware that I haven’t met him yet because I still have lessons to learn without him.

I’m at a transitional time in my life. My running has slowed down and I am walking more due to an injured hip muscle. I’m listening to my body and respecting increased rest. In addition, I have a job demands my time and full focus.

When I do have free time, my friends need me. I do my best to lend a helping hand to those in need. I’m blessed to have a life that affords me this privilege. Because I have time to be good to my friends, they in turn are very good to me. The same holds true for my parents. There is also my writing. I do try to always make time to impart my wisdom along my journey. As a single gal, I have this time. And I cannot forget my beloved Missy kitty. I’m guessing she is 16 years old and boy do older cats need more attention. She doesn’t even want to eat unless I’m standing with her.

So timing to me turns out to really mean God’s time not mine. Isn’t this true for all the gifts and blessing he sends our way in life?

Thank you for reading.


2 thoughts on “Timing…

  1. Timing definitely always means God’s time – it’s just tough to have the patience to wait! But you’re growing and presumably the right guy is, too, and so when you finally do meet, you’ll both be the better for it! Good luck!

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