Great father = Great man


fathers day

Happy boy addict blog day and Happy Father’s Day.  I have written multiple times about my amazing father, but I cannot miss an opportunity this special day to give him the kudos he deserves.  As of late, my life has not been as “exciting” as it has been in the past.  I’m struggling with many issues that are working themselves out.  I have had these “lows” before.  I can tell you that whether I’m having a “high” or a “low” in  my life my Dad is there for me.  To me, this is the #1 quality that makes a real man.

Lets face it, I’m not singing to the choir.  Life is filled with ups and downs.  A good friend of mine always said be sure to appreciate the great times in life, because there are plenty of hard times to deal with.  One of my favorite “great” times, is every time I cross that finish line of my 26.2 mile marathons.  I have been blessed to have done this 18 times and Dad has been there for the joy!  Since I was in High School and running with the track and cross country teams, Dad never missed the opportunity to tell me to “give em hell” before my races.  If he is not able to attend one of my races, he is sure to text me prior to my start. EVERY TIME.  He is a huge supporter of my efforts and my number #1 fan.  I really love to make him proud.

During the down times, Dad is my rock.  There is no other way to explain it.  He never wavers when I am nervous or upset about my life to tell me “I’ve got your back”.  Being a single gal making my way in the world, this unconditional love is my motivation to keep going.  Knowing I  have this support is my drive to do better when the “chips are down”.  I know at times I have stressed him with my crazy life and some very bad decisions I have made in my past.  He will joke that I’m responsible for his gray hairs, but I get it.  His life has not been easy, but he always says “make your choices, and keep moving forward”.  He is so strong and even if he is nervous internally, he never shows this to me.  He is true to his words of “keep moving forward”.  That is all I have ever known him to do.  He is my role model in leading a healthy positive life.

All this being said, I realize it would be so nice for me to meet a man with these qualities that I can be in a relationship with.  As you all know, this is my dream.  And this is my life, so I know today it is ok to dream big.  And let God lead me to keep moving forward in the most positive way I know how.

Thank you for reading.


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