Female Courage



Happy Sunday.  Today I’m “forgetting about boy addiction” to discuss a topic I promised my good friend battling stage 4 cancer I would write about in her honor.    “Female Courage”.    As I grow older and become more comfortable with myself I see that the amazing women in my life are very brave.

For example, the friend I mention above made the brave decision to fight her illness a year ago to be there for her family.  Over this journey she taught me that life and love are worth fighting for.  Throughout her entire ordeal I never saw her lose strength or give up.   She has been so positive and deliberate in every move she has made to live an amazing life as long as she can.  She did this from a place of pure love and courage for her children and her incredible family, smiling through her entire battle.   She gives me comfort to not grieve too long for her.   She knows her journey. I recently promised her I’d write about her courage and decided today is the day.   This one is for her.

I know so many brave women.   Women who are good, beautiful, kind and strong who are in hard relationships where they do not get the respect they so deserve.  Yet they go on, holding their heads high, giving amazing love to their children, smiling, never showing the sadness that could potentially take them over.

I admire this so.   It has taken me a long time to learn to do this for myself.  I never want to ever again let negativity bring me down.  Life is a choice: fight and be brave and give love, or give up and lose out on all the great things life has to offer!  I have learned to be brave from those courageous women who teach me every day.

This one is for you POWERCHICKS!    And to honor my friend who is fighting the good fight, I wish you NOTHING but joy and peace and God’s open arms as he is holding you always.   Whether your soul blesses us through your body on earth or through your soul in heaven your inspiration forever lives on with me.  Thank you teacher.

Thank you for reading.




Listening to the Soul



Happy Sunday from the NJ shore.  I am blessed to have family who live on the beach and welcome me with open arms any time I invite myself.   As I look out over the vast ocean I contemplate my life.   I’m currently faced with an injury prohibiting me from engaging in my passion – running.  I have ALWAYS advised myself and my running friends to “listen to your body”.  Well, as I rest my body, my pain is gone.  But where is my passion?   As I listen to my body and rest, I turn to my soul.

Just like listening to your physical self, it is so important to listen to your spiritual self.  What do I mean by this?  It is deep for sure.  For me, the soul is the essence of emotions including my most personal relationship with God.  It is where I seek divine guidance through prayer.  It is where I receive strength to trust myself enough to make decisions in my life that are healthier for me.  It is where I have learned to listen and accept those into my life who reinforce and help to grow my soul.   As Billy Joel sang “It’s All About Soul”.

Sometimes in life, especially for active me, it is hard to slow down.   With physical rest I am seeing parts of my life that I may have been missing.  Just going walking instead of running on the track I have been running on for years helps me to see some beautiful parts of my town I never noticed before.  The track sits high on a hill and with walking I had time to take in scenes I have been missing. This included some new buildings making for a lovely skyline I could truly appreciate.  While track walking noticed two squirrels appearing to be dancing with each other.  Another scene I would have missed if I had been running.  Slowing down helped me to appreciate nature’s true beauty.

In terms of my journey to recover from boy addiction, what I see now is that by slowing down I can not only listen and honor my body healing my physical pain, but I can listen and honor my soul and perhaps heal my spiritual pain.    I realize that only when I release my will, does the will of my body and my soul allow me to more fully appreciate all the goodness and beauty in my life.  And there is tons of this.  If not in the form of one man, certainly in the form of many great people, places, and things.

Today I thank God for giving me the gift of health to allow me to fully listen to my soul.   Nothing but great things in life will come from this blessing.  Thank you for reading.  Please listen to body and soul.   When you slow down, much comes to you.  Such a gift.    Thank you for reading.