Peaks and Valleys…


Greetings from Alaska. I am blessed to have this amazing opportunity to travel here with my family. My father’s 75th birthday bucket list dream was to see Alaska and with a 7 day cruise and 7 day land trip including unbelievable sights, it is fair to say that his dream came to fruition. Needless to say I am so happy to be a part of his journey. With my brother and his family included! Of course, having this time “off the grid” from my life stresses, I realize I’m coming home to new beginnings.

This past year has been tough. My Valleys seemed to be a bit deeper than my peaks. I’ve had many set backs especially in my dating life that have been tough to even talk about. But this is why I blog. To be honest and discuss the realities of my life.

Alaska is DEFINITELY a peak in my life. Starting a new job when I get home is a peak (although always scary). I’m going get a cortisone shot in my hip praying I can run again. I’m committing to my calorie counting. I’m going end my dating break and pray for my real man to prove himself.

After losing my dear friend to a very strong year long fight with stage 4 cancer, I learned from her every second is worth living. Man or no man, I commit to her I’m going to live. She has been my best teacher. I honestly have never known anyone to stay as positive as she did throughout her entire ordeal. She has left a burning image in my heart – one of positivity in life no matter what challenges you face. When Valleys come, never give up and always smile.   

As I look up 20,366 feet to the peak of Mount Denali, I see my friend’s soul shining down upon me telling me never to let the climb out of the valley get me down. The rewards are too great! Bless you my friend Lennis. And thank you God for my life’s climb.