Love is action…


Happy Sunday.  Delving in deep this week.  One of the symptoms of my boy addiction has always been mistaking love for my craving for boy attention.  In my past, if a boy said to me “I love you”, I took this at face value because I so badly wanted “my fix”.  I wanted to be with the boy sacrificing myself at all costs.  My addiction clouded me from paying attention to his ACTIONS not his words.

It is so easy to say to someone “I love you” when there is attraction.  Lord knows, it is done all the time.  BUT everyone knows when the heat of passion runs out, that is when true love either surfaces or doesn’t.  What I have learned in my life is that true love comes in the form of actions.  More importantly, loving actions are a two-way street.  Each individual in a loving relationship must learn to give love freely in the form of actions.  That is what nurtures two people in a healthy way in my opinion.

So to break it down, love could be being there for someone when they are not “at the top of their game”.  Once again, I’m giving a shout out to my “running angel” Rose.  For years, Rose and I have been true blue running partners.  Since my injury began back in June and I cannot run, Rose is still driving to me on a regular basis (at least once a week) and walking with me.  I have come to realize that our relationship is NOT about the running, but about love.  She is willing to walk with me and help me get through my tough time and I am SO BLESSED to have her in my life (thank you true friend).

In thinking about my current relationship with a boy/man, I’m taking my time to see if there is unconditional love.  This takes a TON of time.  No need to rush. Enough said in this department.  The more important thing to emphasize in my blog today is that I warn my readers to use caution when someone says “I love you”.  I love country music and there is a wonderful song sung by Clint Black titled “Something That We Do”.   I encourage you to listen to it.  To me it embodies the true meaning of love.

And once again (as I do often), I want to thank my friends and my family for loving me unconditionally and helping me become the person I am today.  I once heard a beautiful prayer that I try to make my mantra as often as I can when I hit my challenges in life:  “God, help me give and receive love more freely”.  One day at a time…

Thank you for reading…



One thought on “Love is action…

  1. Rose

    Thank you Les! That is so sweet! It is my pleasure to be in your company. We always have a few good laughs while trying to solve the problems of the world. Stay away from the boys Les! A real man would be so proud to have you in his life. You are a special young lady. One of a kind! 🌹

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