New Beginnings…



Happy Sunday!  Happy to be back.  2016 has proved to be a tough year for me.  Hence, I have not been a consistent Sunday blogger.  Despite this fact, I have had a lot of time to think and to contemplate about the direction I want to take my life and this blog for 2017.  I find myself describing my blog more as a “woman’s empowerment” blog versus a “boy addict blog”.  To be completely honest, as is always my intent, I’m really tired of my boy addiction.  It casts negative energy over my writing and I’d like to move away from this.  With the advent of electing a “true boy” President, it sickens me to think the world is empowering the qualities of a “boy” that have done nothing but hold me down.  I am a strong, intelligent woman and I do not want any negative boy energy stopping me from sharing the secrets of my success with the world.    I would rather focus on the things about me as a strong woman that help me to improve myself for the upcoming year 2017.   And as always, I so appreciate my readers and truly hope you are happy I’m back.  My goal is to share my successes in the hopes it helps you.

2017 is about “new beginnings” for me.  In 2016, I let the negative energy in my life bring me down.  I realize how easy it is for me to get “sucked into this”.  After all, I sometimes like wallowing in sadness, overeating, indulging in wine, and telling my “crazy boy” stories.  There is truly nothing wrong with this as I do think I needed to slow down and allow my body to heal from some hamstring tears I developed with my running.  So I gave myself this time.  I have been sleeping in, putting too much energy into a job that was draining mine, and allowing my weight to go up very quickly.  I accept this.  It is my current situation and my best friends don’t even seem to notice.  I am so grateful for their unconditional love.  They always take me just the way I am.

HOWEVER, I know the difference between self-care and self-abuse.  I have wallowed too long.  I have loads of positive things around the corner for me in 2017 and it is time to “pull up my big girl panties” and “get back on the Leslie healthy horse”.   This is a promise to my readers that 2017 will be loaded with positive energy and happy, healthy thoughts and actions.  I cannot preach what I am not practicing.  I am so excited to let you know that I have made some great changes both professionally and personally that promise to lend itself to me getting myself back.

In terms of my blog, I promise to move away from the sad stories and move into more sharing of how positive loving thoughts and actions lead to a happy healthier life.  There is no “man” out there who can do this for me.  There is no “boy” out there who can stop me from doing this.  The actions are up to me.  And I certainly know how to do it.

So here is to an exciting 2017!  Fist step for my readers in term so of advice is: smile often and do not let negativity bring you down or take you off a positive course.

Thank you for reading and very happy to be back.


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