Women are Strong




I have always believed women are the stronger sex. History has proved this time and time again. I remember my 12th grade English teacher telling my class women are physically designed to survive starvation. She told us a woman’s body has a much larger percentage of body fat than a man’s in order to carry offspring for nine months and potentially survive famine to accomplish survival of the human race. I chuckle to myself especially when my body fat is high thinking I could outlive a boy by at least a full year in the event of a starvation.

I very recently had the blessing to travel to Zurich Switzerland where I learned during a City tour that many years ago during war time the women of the City banded together to save the City from attack. All the men in the City were off fighting battles and when enemy soldiers approached Zurich all the women gathered cooking utensils and pots/pans. They gathered together at the highest point in City Center banging their cooking paraphernalia to make so much noise that it frightened off the encroaching enemy male soldiers. This group of women ended up saving the City from attack. Go POWERCHICKS !

I’m writing about this as we sadly now have a President who does not value the power of strong women. I was so very proud to learn on my Facebook all my friends who marched for womens’ equality this past Saturday. It reminds me how blessed I am to live where I live and to have the freedoms I have even to write this blog. I have offended many a boy in my writings but not one can ever stop me from speaking my truth and living life on my terms.

Traveling in other countries I am always reminded living in metropolitan New York affords me more POWERCHICK luxuries than I could have ever dreamed of. The lesson I’d like to impart on my readers as I write is that women deserve all the love and respect they continue to work hard for every day of our life.

If you happen to be a boy reading this heed my warning. WE DO NOT NEED YOU but if you respect our worth we do want you.  We can survive starvation, protect our homes/cities, express our truths and refuse to live in fear. We have the beauty and the brains to stay or go per our choice. If you have a strong woman in your life please know her worth. And know you can NEVER become a real man without her.

Thank you for reading.


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