Happy Sunday and Happy Boy addiction blog day. Since I gained much of my weight back after a running injury I am thinking much on this topic and how it relates to my boy addiction. I have always attributed being thin with “finding my man”. What I have learned is this is simply false. I have come to learn that no matter what my weight, I am a good soul which shines through extra body fat. I also have learned the hard way that being thin attracts the wrong boys. You know gals, the superficial ones who could care less about your soul?

Most of you know I have been happy in a very nice relationship. Guess what? He met me at my high weight! He digs my soul. I’m quite sure he digs my physical attributes too, but my point is that my weight never had anything to do with finding my man.

Do not get me wrong. I am not happy at a higher weight and I am actively working on weight loss but for many reasons other than finding a boy. My overall movements are more difficult at a higher weight. I am trying to return to a running routine and with all my extra pounds it is a struggle. But I am getting out there. It’s more for my mind. My day goes much better when I get out and move. Whether a walk, a walk/run or a run, I become energized when I’m finished. I’m tuning into this great energy. My energy level becomes much better too when I shed pounds. This too is important for my mental health. And my clothing that I wore as a thin girl will fit! This is a “biggy” for me. I have an entire closet of thin girl clothing I’m very motivated to get back into.

All of my reasons to try to shed pounds today are MINUS the boy addiction. I have a supportive man cheering me on, but also telling me he is always happy just as I am. God is great.

Thank you for reading.


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