Birthday Gifts


Sunday blog day falls on my birthday, so I decided to write about birthday gifts. In the photo you see all the unconditional love I have in my life. My baby kitty Missy looks pretty good at age 18, my expensive bottle of bubbly sent via my local liquor store from my best friend Jean in London, and gorgeous flowers sent by my brother and his family. All of these positive people and pets in my life remind me as I age that I am blessed with so many gifts.

In my past, when I was stuck in the depths of boy addiction, I could not appreciate all the unconditional love in my life. I realize today that I was too busy chasing the boys that wanted to use and hurt me. Today I want NOTHING to do with those bad boys. I only make room for the good. I only have room in my heart and my life for unconditional love.

I learned many years ago that prayer is a form of meditation.
A favorite prayer/meditation I like to say in my mind is “God, help me to give and receive love more freely”. What this means for me is that this prayers serves as a reminder that there is so much love in my life. This is what I can focus on. One day at a time.

I challenge you as you read this to focus on the unconditional love in your life. It may be coming from places you haven’t even considered. When you realize this, be sure to give love where it belongs and is deserved. Let all the others go. Even if only in your mind and heart.

Thank you readers!


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