Happy Sunday and Happy Mother’s Day. When I wanted my own child so badly in my past, Mother’s Day was a sad day for me.   I was once was given a potted plant at a restaurant during my most fertile child bearing years and I quickly returned it to the waiter declaring I am NOT a mother!  Well, those days have long since passed and today when a parking garage attendant handed me a rose wishing me a Happy Mother’s Day I gladly took it and was all smiles. I even threw an extra buck into his tip. What I know today is that as women, whether we biologically reproduce or not, we typically have mothering traits we should be proud of.

Now I realize some of us our more mothering than others. As for myself I’m the queen of “Mom like” behaviors. Heck, I used Ms. Breck hairspray in college and dubbed the title S.I.A.G. (which meant that when my female college dorm mates went out for a wreckless night of drinking I begged them to STAY IN A GROUP).  Hence they began saying “yes Mom” in response to my safety lectures.  I am a natural born nurturer. I chose my profession in order to nurture my seniors. My friends’ children love me and I them. As a result of “boy addiction” I mothered 2 young ladies for 4 years and that was THE BEST part of that relationship. I do not regret one second I spent with them as they taught me so much about life and unconditional love!

So today I’m here to say whether you have children or not, as a woman honor your ability to nurture.  I think it’s fair to say that while some men try very hard (these are real men, not boys) they too will admit sometimes there is nothing like a motherly touch. And to my mother who I am SO BLESSED to have in my life, thank you for teaching me the art of nurture.

And to my dear friend out there who never misses an opportunity to wish me a Happy Mother’s Day since I met him 17 years ago, today I really do feel the love, appreciation and gratitude. Thank you friend.

Please forget ALL BOYS on this day and honor the mother in you.

Thank you for reading.